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Almond Cherry - Rooibos Tea

Almond Cherry - Rooibos Tea

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Pouches: Cups Inside?

Assuming approximately 2g of tea per cup, you can make:

  • 20g of loose tea: around 10 cups of tea.
  • 50g of loose tea: around 25 cups of tea.
  • 70g of loose tea: around 35 cups of tea.

Nothing beats the taste and aroma of Almond Cherry - Rooibos Tea from our TeaForAll tea shop. Our blend of luxury rooibos, mallow petals, and natural flavours creates a fragrant and delicious drink that's perfect for any occasion. Whether you enjoy it on its own or with a sweet treat. This loose leaf tea is perfect for sipping and relaxing any time of day. Sourced and blended with care, this tea is the ideal choice for any tea lover in the UK. 


Luxury Rooibos, Mallow Petals & Natural Flavours


Sweet almond, marzipan like with hints of cherry.


Mellow and subtly nutty balanced by pleasing herbal notes.


Marzipan, Cherry, Nutty.


Medium Bodied.

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  • 1 per cup (250ml)

    Modify the amount of tea leaves used to achieve the desired strength of the tea.

  • 100°

    Ensure that you always use fresh, filtered water when brewing.

  • 6-8 mins

    If you desire to achieve the maximum strength of tea, brew it for a longer duration.

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Customer Reviews

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Martin Draper
Delicious Rooibos Tea

The tea took its time getting to me but I do not blame TeaForAll as our local postal non-service was exposed in the national press at the weekend. When it came though it was a delight. A delicately presented box with samplers, a voucher and the tea itself which is subtle and balanced - more cherry than almond. I like it a lot.

Dear Martin Draper],

We want to express our heartfelt appreciation for the fantastic review you left about our Rooibos Tea! Your kind words and positive feedback truly made our day.

We apologize for the delay in the tea reaching you, but we understand the circumstances regarding the local postal service. However, we are grateful that despite the delay, you found the tea to be a delight when it finally arrived.