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Duchess Earl Grey Tea

Duchess Earl Grey Tea

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Pouches: Cups Inside?

Assuming approximately 2g of tea per cup, you can make:

  • 20g of loose tea: around 10 cups of tea.
  • 50g of loose tea: around 25 cups of tea.
  • 70g of loose tea: around 35 cups of tea.

Brewing a cup of Duchess Earl Grey Tea will take you to a new level of pleasure! An exceptional blend of pure black tea, orange pieces, cornflower and rose petals, lime leaves, and natural flavours make this an exquisite tea you won't want to miss. You'll find the scent of bergamot and citrus delightful and its piquant lemon flavour refreshing. Not only is it pleasing to the palate but to the eye, as the tea brews it develops a unique floral, lemon and citrusy colour.


Black Tea, Orange Pieces, Cornflower and Rose petals, Lime Leaves and Natural Flavours.


Earl grey bergamot with citrus notes.


Excellent Earl Grey taste accented with piquant lemon.


Floral, Lemon, Citrus.


Medium Bodied.

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  • 1 per cup (250ml)

    Modify the amount of tea leaves used to achieve the desired strength of the tea.

  • 100°

    Ensure that you always use fresh, filtered water when brewing.

  • 3-7 mins

    If you desire to achieve the maximum strength of tea, brew it for a longer duration.

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